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Derive from the actions

Verfasst: 6. Jun 2017, 06:49
von sadiemorin
It is the xxx conscious and porn pictures timely performance of the full fulfillment of the duty contracted, and which satisfies its fulfillment. It is commitment and obligation. Be demanding with images yourself and with others, by xxx example. Reject passivity, developing bad behavior, pessimism and indolence, promoting optimism in solutions. To develop collectivism in the fulfillment of tasks, combining individual responsibility. Possess human sensibility to perceive their interests, needs and feelings in communication with peers. Develop dedication, dedication and love of the profession in professional performance.

Re: Derive from the actions

Verfasst: 6. Jun 2017, 06:53
von sadiemorin
Contribute with professional responsibility to the development of cuban sex society. Possess a behavior worthy of a citizen faithful to his identity, actively participating in the solution hot sex pics sex pics of social problems.