Dying Humanity
Dying Humanity
Metal [Deathmetal]
Kai S.
D - Annaberg-Buchholz

Dying Humanity is a band from the eastern part of Germany. The band exists since early 2006 and already shows potential to kick ass alongside bigger names fromout the scene. The riffs are brutal and of high technical level, yet modern and accessible. Once the melodies are in your head, they refuse to go out
After the start in February 2006 the band had quite a few songs ready in May and entered the studio in June 2006 to record the demo/MCD called The Origin of Dying Humanity at their own rehearsal-room. The MCD got praise by many zines and made the band more confident. The first LP, called Fallen Paradise, was recorded at the Rape Of Harmonies studio Heaven Shall Burn, Misery Speaks and edited/mastered by Jacob Hansen Aborted, Hatesphere in 2007. The album will contain 7 songs and an intro and will hit streets on October 12th.


06.Sep.2008 @Klubhaus der Jugend w/ Nightrage Misery Speaks Saalfeld, Thüringen

13.Sep.2008 @Morbide Festspiele /// with incantation and vomitory /// 17:30 - 18:15 Bischoffswerda, Sachsen

13.Sep.2008 @S7 Club / The Mike Night Frosch´s Geburtstag 23:15 - 0:15 Annaberg-Buchholz

19.Sep.2008 @SoundCulture Eisenach

03.Okt.2008 @Südbahnhof / Autumn of Death 3 Chemnitz

18.Okt.2008 @Jugendcafe w/ Alibi for a Murder Zwiesel, Bayern

For more check www.myspace.com/dyinghumanity

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