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Something You Should Know SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW You didn’t know that stars fall down You didn’t know that suns are burning out You didn’t even know that the whole Universe will one day turn off its lights So how could you know Your tears will one day run dry Everything ends as time goes by You didn’t know this desert´s been an ocean once so wide And before that the land around here has been smothered all with ice I guess you didn’t know long time ago This valley used to be a mountain range So how could you know Your love will ever change As time goes by everything fades And I guess you didn’t know that every second everything is in a state of constant decay And I bet you didn’t know our lifetime’s running out just like from a rusty can And as I’m sincerly convinced that all these facts although well known are not so common to you How could you know your feelings come and go As time goes by everything goes I think at least that’s something you should know
Kill With A Smile (unplugged) Unplugged Version des auf dem nächsten Album erscheinenden brandneuen Subwave Tracks "Kill WIth A Smile". Live eingespielt nur mit Bass und Gitarre. Atmosphäre pur!

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