Metal [Metal und Core - the frontiers fade...]
Ingo Valkenbrug
D - Pulheim

A solid wall of power and energy is what hagridden create, but fitting into the long grown schemes of metal-genres is what they manage not to do. Frontiers and chains of known terms of musical divisions are broken, bend past recognition and pushed into spaces of meaninglessness as hagridden perform their symbiosis of the old and the new, the weak and the strong, the hard and the soft.

Combining brutality with groove and rhythm with melody, their construction of uneven metrics and unusual breaks manages to be astonishing, unbelievably energy-transportating, yet at the same time inconspicious enough to not disturb the flow and groove. No listener or audience will be able to resist moving and jumping along and banging his/her/its fucking head off

After some much too long time of stage-abstinence caused by quite big interferences in the bands line-up, hagridden have worked a lot to convince with a whole new set, and start with a breathtaking 5-track-EP called brE-thing a new series of rockin the stages around the closer area of the solar system for the beginning...

For the genre-problem and human beings being unable to cope with a lack of mental drawers, there is only one thing left to say:
Yes, we play both: Metal AND Core

the frontiers fade...

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