Nr. Titel Beschreibung  
1 OVERTAKE I'm bruising all night long
2 LANDSCAPE Bring the flowers, sun and wine
3 FEEL THE STRINGS you are the other side
4 ABWAERTS Früher waren wir mal bekannt, heute müssen wir stempeln geh'n
5 TIEFE NR. 4 4,10 m
6 BREAK THE BONES Break their bones
7 NITE LIFE Hit me
8 ABYSS so deep
Picture taken in Paris 20-16
Nr. Titel Beschreibung  
1 SECOND RISING i win this game
2 TWO BLUE PLANET About love and other things
3 THE FORLORN CRY OF AN ANXIOUS LATE RISER So let the blood flows into the ocean of dead
4 2016 Eine Insel, ein Verlangen, darum bleibe ich hier
5 DEAR PARIS One moment at 13.11.2015
6 BEHIND THE FOG So far, the light shine in the night
7 BUS STOP NR. 2 I m the acceleration of your breath
8 BLEEDING hear my song
9 FUDDLE FLAME Is this all what you need. Is this all what you feel ....
10 FREE Im free, so free ...
11 FÄHRMANN Wohin geht die Reise
12 LOSING LAND Losing Land
13 BLENDED Please shake it
14 GREEN LINE isn't a red line
15 Loveland Only in my own world
16 BELAVISTA Things are gone away