Frithjof Brauer
Frithjof Brauer
Jazz & Blues [jazzy piano improvisations]
Frithjof Brauer
D - Grossburschla

Hello everybody,

what to say about me I was born in a small town in the middle of Germany on March 14th 1980. Since both my parents play instruments my mother plays the trumpet and the violoncello, my father plays the piano and the violin my parents first sent me to a piano teacher when I was 4 years old. It was a pretty old and terrible lady and to be honest, playing the piano wasnt much fun that time.

However, things changed after some years and I got to know Angelika, who was my teacher for a very long time. She was the first one, who showed me the wonders and magic of music. With her, I learned to play the sooooo beautiful legati of Corelli, to listen to the different voices in Bachs compositions and to play Schubert, the always sad and suicidal Schubert.

At some point, I dont know when exactly, I started composing and improvising myself. I think - that must have been roughly 10 years ago. During my university time, I met Jens - and Im glad I did because he told me how to make things better, to play in a way to catch the listener, not to play too many stuff, one step at a time.

Even though the music I play is far away from being perfect I hope you enjoy it.

BTW, the five songs shown here are part of two CDs which can be completely downloaded from my homepage see below - of course without charge.


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