Rock [psychedelic jamband]

Jan Zen
D - Flensburg
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TGI: The illusion was seen first in may 1996. A meeting between music and men.
It takes no need to focus, cause for us, music is still the hardest drug. Music took us through the years with bands like InDusTrees, The Agroovment and Moshroom but all bands had to create their own type of writing songs in a well known direction. We wanted to be free in making music - addicted to ourselfes, in every single way.

Now we finally fire our laser - Fata Morgana or so called The Great Illusion.
A free basement for musicians like us. People, who believe in peace and see the illusion as well. People who believe that everything is relative and music should be like that too. It has to be open for different views cause all views together are the truth.

We try to be real, so there is the question: what is real.

For ourselfs, we want to be sure that there is no fake in our emotions. What we are feeling is addicted to our thoughts. And what we want to show you is, that we dont just want to show you something.
We try to teach you that there is music in you, music in me, music in the streets. We are music, we are communication, we are the connection.
And the truth is right and wrong, not right or wrong. So if you think we are the greatest but the worst too, you are definetly right. Or wrong

JanZen - guitar, drums, saz, percussion, bass, ...

Bu - guitar, drums, mandolin, saz, bass, ...

Enzio - vocals, piano, guitar, ...

Jannick - drums, guitar

Mansen - bass

Daniel - vocals, piano, guitar