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Fernand Casas
- Civitanova Alta
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Appreciated Swiss singer, guitar player and composer.
He started playing guitar at the age of sixteen, and a half year later he played with the first not professional band.
He worked from 1972 till 1994 in musical instrument factories: Pari Electromagnetic Organs, Musinco, Lenco Italia, Melody Guitars, Shadow Guitars Italy, Clarissa Guitars, as electronic and guitars technician.
In 1994 he started playing professional, founding with his daughter Genevieve the band “Tennessee Rumbles”. In 1996 a duo: “Fernand Genevieve Casas”, and today presents itself as soloist after the dissolution of the duo, took at the end of August 2001.
Born in Zürich Switzerland, he lives from years in Italy and performs Country and Country Western songs from the sixties.
Fernand: voice, guitars and harmonica, he makes use of background tracks he products himself on Hard Disk Recorder with fully digital mixing automation, using the typical country instruments: Banjo, Pedal-Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Hammond Organ, Guitars, Bass, Drums and Choirs.

August 2006
Fernand Casas is on Mark Trail Music M-T-M18 CD Compilation with Willie Nelsons song BAJA OKLAHOMA on track 14, the only European artist between Canadians and Americans.

July 2006
Fernand Casas is on hotdisc 91 JULY 2006 with his song THE ROAD studio version on track 20.

May 2006
Fernand Casas plays with his new guitar, a BLADE, mod. Delta Classic, a Tele type, received from his endorser Gary Levinson Blade Guitars - Switzerland.

December 2005
Fernand Casas is on Mark Trail Music M-T-M14 CD Compilation with his song THE ROAD studio version on track 13, the only European artist between Canadians and Americans.
Featured Artists Include: Billy Yates, Traci KennedyCA, JC Andersen, Maggie Austin, Dave Brooks, John Foster, Gord BamfordCA, Johnny Bulford, Aime PettersenCA, Sean Patrick McGraw.....

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