Moub Dee Pythagoras

Moub Dee Pythagoras
Rock [Synthie Rock]

Moud Dee Pythagoras
D - Somewhere in BY
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It is only me and no one else, keys, drums and the awkward singing.
At present the band only consists of the solo artist Moub Dee Pythagoras, being responsible for song writing, keyboards, drums and vocals. A specific foundation date of the band is not known, it is said during the attempts in 1999 to connect a keyboard with a computer in order to sequence, a little bit the first songs were composed. That material was produced on a Kurzweil PC-88 and was re-lease under the title Release One.

During the recordings of „A black shoe exhibition“ the sequencer drums were replaced by real drums, the sound edge became harder, however the music solely remained instrumental. This phase did not take long until the songs were completed by rap vocals. The classic tracks „Bummelant“ engl. The lows one and „Skatbrüder“ engl. brothers in gaming derive from this phase. Release 2.0

„Magerstufe“ Release 3.0 marked the point when the sound was created, which still is today’s brand of MDP. Fat Drums, soft harmonic keyboard layers, solo parts with synthesizer guitar arrangements and contemporary lyrics, which require full attention of the listener. Unfortunately all initial attempts to sign a record deal with one of the major label failed, however this album set a milestone of music history.

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