neuadd sibly

neuadd sibly
Pop [Rock, pop, acoustic...]

Paul Townsend
D - Bad Schönborn
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Neuadd Sibly is the solo project of Paul Townsend. Through a combination of great software, patience, creativity and support, Paul has developed into a highly prolific songwriter and has been able to encapsulate his songs with great success.

The completed albums and success that Paul has already experienced are a testament to the zealousness and productiveness of the Neuadd Sibly project and all that it stands for. The underlining values of honesty, personal emotions and genuineness are paramount to this project, and go hand in hand with the raw passionate vocals, originality, private thoughts and honest production that result in songs that the listener can totally believe in. Authentic to life. Listen to the free downloads, support the songwriter by purchasing music and enjoying the rarity of unique and home-made art, should you see fit. Most of all, just listen to the words, for they are what it is about. They are written about you, and they are written for you.

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