She´s Alone

She´s Alone
Rock [Hard Rock]

Abraham Sarache
ES - La Coruña
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What does a girl feels when she is alone What are they afraid of How do they see life in our actually corrupted world, the reflections of their heart in a mirror nowadays. Sadness, Disagreement, Melancholy, Rebel, Greed, Love, Hate are the ones which lead us. The members of She’s Alone started to get connected through the recording of the 2001´s Demo when Abraham Sarache Producer,Vocals, Guitars and Keyboards met Dario Palacio Guitars, Keyboards who recorded and mixed his Demo. By the long recording process they got more involved with the music style of each other… And so… the ride started… The bass guy Miguel Villalobos appears after the birthing of the project, bringing the “Electronic Touch” to the actual sound of the band on the year of 2002 After this… Franlix Rodriguez from “Play Mode” added loud and heaviness tone to the necessary haste of the music they needed in the drums. Abraham Sarache was often in Germany visiting his girlfriend and then he got in touch with Raphael Reich our actual singer, which change She´s Alone drastically from their roots, adding the new sound of british rock to it. With the line up now complete they started the rehearsals and following this, the Gigs up to come… Playing around in local places, pubs and making small concerts all over.