Metal [Melodic Death Metal]

Andreas Danzer
A - Wien
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DEVANIC is a Melodic Deathmetal band from Vienna, Austria and their roots reach back in early 2004. The band has been founded by Nick Vuckovic and Andy Danzer. Since the first time the guys met, it was totally clear what the band should be sounding like: Melodic Metal in all its variations. A few weeks later the actual line up was put together from long time musicians who currently are or were active in bands like Moriturus, Septicemia, Subtil, Corona Endorser or Flex Tracked.In Austria there is a rather small heavy metal scene and very few bands are into Devanic’s style of music. So the band is some kind of exception at this point. Further bandmembers are multi-bandplayer Mike Pawlowitsch on drums, guitarist Chris Novak and Peter Knall on bass. The goal of the band is to play catchy melodies and grooving rhythm parts combined with intelligent lyrics, like they did on their first promotional album called Mask Installed. The songs are mostly dealing with our society, the life, critics and the process of developing as an individual within it Command Me, Ignorance or about spirtual topics Reborn Again, I Am and self experience. Until now the band received some good reputation from international print and web magazines, which primary made this new promotion album possible and some new tracks of the album are beeing played by several radio stations around the world as well.