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oliver orlowski
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about Boris Balog (Ravensburg):

After a great "Techno Party" in 1996 i went
to a "Aferhour Party" of one of my friends.
His name, Miles Dyson. At that time i firstly
stand behind some Decks and tried to do
a mix. I remarked that it was not so easy
like it seems. From that moment i was
infected, a life without electronic music
was inconceivable.
I decided to sell my car and bought my
first Dj Set, two Technics MK 1210 and
one little mixer. So i got my first
experiences in playing and mixing
Housemusic. For one year I just practiced
at home and started to play on little
private partys which has been made by
some friends. Over the time it got bigger
and bigger.
I played in various clubs in my region.
In 2002 i made my first experiences in
producing music. Thanx God for Cubase!!!
After a lot of gigs in South Germany i
was choosen to go on the European Label
Tour with Plasmapool in 2004. At that
time my first release was published:
Miles Dyson pres.
"House-Minority .. sooo funky".
After this tour i played on different
locations until i decided to break up
playing and mixing electronic music.
At the end of that break which lasted
3 years a new projekt was born. I decided
to start the "Electric Nerdz"
with one of my best friends.....
and the trip goes on!!!

about Oliver Orlowski aka Vinylmetrik (Berlin):

When i was a 8-year-old boy I started adoring
the rashy transitions and these special parts in
tracks which always get stuck in your head.
One of my brothers gave me this tape
(a silver one) on which a DJ made exactly that
kinda music... Grandmaster Flash!

So I was getting more and more attached to
that music. Once I was building 2 compact
systems on my own and was getting a cheap
mixer for it - my 1st DJ-set was born!
Meanwhile it was getting bigger an bigger until
I got into electronic music as well.

For a while I played Deep-House mixed that
with old record of the 80's and 90's so that
people were satisfied listening to their shitty
Vocal-House music. Thank god it's over now ;)

Time was moving and I had some project
going on with Mzee but it failed.
After that I discovered myself finding to

In 2006 I got to know new people
that were peruading me to rock on the
turntables and keep on going with some
drum n base as CUT FRESH & Electronic as
Oliver Orlowski.
check my other projects:
& NerDStylERecorDs